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Semasa menulis, saya berada di Sandakan, Sabah. Mood Chinese New Year. Seronok berjumpa sanak saudara yang dah setahun tak berjumpa. Saya tidak mahu berceloteh panjang, almaklumlah malam CNY. Blogwalking terjumpa testimoni yang buat saya senyum. Alhamdulillah Shaklee Breastfeeding Set menceriakan dan membahagiakan lagi seorg ibu dan anak. Alhamdulillah.

sumber asal :
credit to Aula & Credit to Ayulasrah

"...............I was introduced to the trial pack for breasfeeding mommies by my good friend Puan Nurul Aula the first day i started working. I am always fascinated in being healthy and trying out new things, so why not? It doesn't hurt trying right? Plus i am passionate in breastfeeding and always strive to give the best to my daughter insyaAllah..

Before Shaklee
I used to be very exhausted and drained due to my baby constantly wakes up at night for feeding. As I mentioned before she's quite a drinker! So i'll wake up around 10am the earliest everyday during confinement. Apart from that, i pumped whenever i'm free to keep stocks, however the volume is standard, not too low not too high, because i am using a good pump which suits me. I ended up feeling tired and cranky at the end of the day. So i wonder, how would it be when i start working..i bet it would be worse. and i dread the thought about it!

Rezeki Iris this morning, alhamdulillah...

After Shaklee
After 2 weeks of consuming the trial pack which includes Vitamin C, B complex, Vitalea and Alfalfa, i started to see the result. My volume of milk increases and it maintains even though i pumped 3 times a day. Even after my daughter's Subuh feeding i would get at least 7oz and could reach to 10 oz during the morning pumping session + 5 oz each at least during session #2 and #3. My milk colour is yellower compared to the previous ones and to my friends' due to the vitamins. Apart from that, i am very energetic during working hours and i don't feel sleepy or fatigue. My friends are my witness hehehe. As for my daughter she'll only wake up once for feeding or if she breastfeeds right before bedtime, she'll sleep all the way to the morning. It's also easier for me to put her to sleep. She's a happy baby now! She is also developing really well but not to the extend of obesity.
I know every baby has their own pace of development and everybody has different reactions towards vitamins. As for me alhamdulillah, Shaklee vitamins works excellent! Though i wasn't a keen vitamins consumer, the result of consuming these vitamins makes me an avid vitamin consumer hehehehe. Thanks to Aula for introducing me to Shaklee!...

hmmmm... anda bagaimana?... Tak salah dan tak rugi mencuba.... dah nama pun ianya Trial Pack.. jadi silalah cuba..belum cuba belum tahu..kan kan.. just nak quote kata2 hikmah ni..

"A choice you make today is a difference you achieved tomorrow"

Jadi...jom try Shaklee hari ini...


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